The Biomining Project

Mining Event Histories: Towards new insights on personal Swiss life courses

SNF project FN-100012-113998 (2007-2009) and FN-100015-122230 (2009-2011)

This project has a double purpose. The first is a methodological one. We intend to explore and develop ``data mining'' approaches for discovering interesting knowledge from individual longitudinal data and especially life event histories. The second goal, which responds to a socio-demographic concern, is to gain new original insights on how socio-demographic, familial, educational and professional events are entwined, on what are the characteristics of typical Swiss life trajectories and on changes in these characteristics over time. Special emphasize will be put on broken lives and life disruptive events. The applied part will be essentially based on the data from the Swiss Household Panel, and more specifically on the retrospective biographical survey conducted in 2001/2002.

Last modified: April 15, 2008.