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Gilbert Ritschard     


Address and personal information

Gilbert Ritschard
Gilbert Ritschard, Professor Emeritus (Professeur honoraire)
NCCR LIVES and Institute of Demography and Socioeconomics (IDESO)
Boulevard du Pont d'Arve 28
CH-1205 Genève, Switzerland

secretariat +41 22 37 93790
e-mail: Gilbert.Ritschard [at] unige.ch

Research projects

Some Recent Publications

Look also at the Open Archive of the University of Geneva

... and a few older ones


TeX stuff

MikTeX project page, MikTeX Forum on SourceForge
CTAN (Comprehensive TeX Archive Network) home page
The TeX Catalogue

My personal packages

Text Editors:

WinEdt main page, WinEdt community WinEdt.org.
My WinEdt macros can be found here :
R-Sweave: WinEdt support (macros, menu, toolbar buttons, highlighting, ...) for R and Sweave. Easy to install through an install macro.
PDFnup: WinEdt nup macro for organizing multiple pdf pages in r x c form by page.

BibTeX Reference Manager:


Laboratoire ERIC, Université Lyon 2

Revue des nouvelles technologies de l'information (RNTI)

Revue Modulad

KDnuggets: All about Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Genomic Mining, Web Mining

R, The R-Project for Statistical Computing. R is a the free open-source statistical environment. 
CRAN Comprehensive R Archive Network.

The ACE Data Mining System (Blockeel et al.)

WEKA Data mining interface (in Java).

RapidMiner open-source stand-alone data-mining system (formerly YALE).

Association EGC (Extraction et Gestion des Connaissances)

My own pieces of softwares

TraMineR, a R toolbox for exploring sequence data.

StatGR.xla v3.2,
Add-In for Excel: Freq tables, Histogram, Boxplot, QQ-plot, Correlogram and more.
Zip file StatGR.zip includes Help file.

para.exe, v.1.0 beta 2.5
Computes partial associations and their asymptotic variances.
Para1ins.exe self-extracting zip file (807KB)

oca.exe, v.3.1 beta
Optimal Crosstable Aggregation: Maximizes the Association by Grouping Rows and Columns of a Crosstable.
Oca.zip zip file (~450KB)
First install Oca_ins.exe self-extracting zip file (~920KB) of version 2 with setup program, then replace oca.exe with the new version.

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